Hopefully all of you have heard, the C2 has brought in a new golf simulator!  I’ve already taken a few swings on it myself, and I can comfortably say that it’s a ton of fun.  While nothing can approximate the real thing, the simulator does an excellent job of immersing you in the experience of a “real” round of golf.  This includes separate sensors for drives, chips, and putts which contribute to life-like accuracy.

I wanted to bring attention to our new simulator for a few different reasons:  For one, I believe it diversifies our sport/ recreation opportunities vastly, as golf is a ubiquitous sport that can be enjoyed by many different age demographics, and presents different benefits for each.  For smaller kids, participating in sports such as golf greatly improve co-ordination, as they are using an external piece of equipment to execute a motion that coincides with a point their eyes are fixed on.  Anything that establishes those neural pathways and teaches body awareness is a great development tool.  For older populations, golfing can help maintain strength in our upper bodies, as the repeated motion in the swing builds muscle.  It also helps to maintain flexibility in our shoulders, which is key to many basic movements.  Additionally, golf can have a positive effect on our balance and core strength.  The loading and weight transfer on our feet, while maintaining an upright position engages our hips and our core.  Keeping these strong can prevent back problems, postural issues, and help keep us mobile.  There are just so many benefits!  Like any other exercise, golf can contribute to calorie-burning and weight loss too, all while maintaining a relaxing and restorative environment.  It’s also a great sport to engage in socially, where multiple people can participate in a round simultaneously.

While golfing is typically played outside, on a course, or a range, the simulation is completely indoors.  While you miss out on the outdoors, and (potentially) the walking, you are able to golf year-round, under climate-controlled conditions!  No having to cut your round short, because of rain or wind.  Also, you know that the greens and fairways will always be properly groomed. Ha!  All jokes aside, there are other tangible benefits to an indoor simulator, such as the cost.  You can golf some of the most idyllic courses all over the world, for a fraction of the cost.  To demonstrate, an 18-hole round at the Banff Springs course midseason costs $249 (+tax), and that’s for a course that’s a manageable drive away.  Outside of the obvious travel costs, it’s not financially feasible to be able to try out the different courses available through the simulation.  I think it’s tremendous that we can find ourselves weaving through the fairways of the Banff Springs course, and at the touch a few buttons, be teeing off at Loch Lomond in Scotland.  What a time to be alive.

If you’re able to, I’d recommend having a go at the simulator.  It really opens golf to be more accessible for our community, through the diversity, cost savings, and controlled environment.  It’s a positive development for the Centennial Centre, and one that I hope the community relishes for a long time!

Click here for Golf Simulator details including rates and how to book your tee time