We’re Maximizing Fitness Experiences with a Wide Variety of Equipment

We are determined to offer the best fitness experience to our members. With this in mind, we have recently added more variety to our fitness equipment roster. With the addition of two plate loaded machines and a seated hamstring curl, and the upgrade of our Multi-stack and seated leg extension, we now have even more variety to benefit members within the C2 Fitness Centre.

It is important to not only focus on one major muscle group, but to have a full-body experience when looking at your overall fitness. With the additions of two upper body plate loaded machines- the High Row (Hammer Strength) and the Chest Press (Matrix), we have rounded out the plate loaded circuit. You are now able to complete a full body work out within this circuit.

Throughout the years, the design of fitness equipment has made leaps and bounds in the bio-mechanics sector. We have upgraded our 5 station Multi-stack to an 8 station Matrix Multi-stack to not only increase the number of members that are able to use this piece of equipment, but to also give the variety that fitness enthusiasts are looking for. Another piece that we have replaced is the ever-popular leg extension. With the upgrade of the Leg Extension to the Matrix Aura Series, members will now see and feel a difference in the muscle targeting capabilities of this machine. The addition of the Hamstring Curl to our selectorized circuit, members can now have even more variety within the circuit to really target the body’s major muscle groups. Through these additions and upgrades, the C2 Fitness Centre now offers a full body workout experience for all users – from beginners to advanced/competitive level.

We are happy to share our passion for fitness through showing members how important variety is. The C2 has an abundance of resources to improve your health and maintain functionality!  If you have any questions or would like any additional information please contact us at