From a relaxed pace to an intense workout, we offer a variety of Fitness Classes to get your heart pumping and meet your fitness needs! Our trained instructors make fitness classes fun and motivating, and both Pre-Register and Drop-In fitness classes are scheduled all throughout the day and week to suit diverse fitness needs and hectic schedules.  

Do you have little ones? Be sure to check out our kid- and stroller-friendly classes, and See2Kidz Supervised Childcare is a great option for on-site care for your youngster (ages 2 to 8).


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Fitness Class Rates

  • Pre-Register Classes - Pricing for Pre-Register Fitness Classes is based on the number of classes in the session, and is indicated on the Fitness Class Schedule. Pre-Register classes are filled on a first come-first served basis.
  • Drop-In ClassesWe are pleased to offer the C2 Drop-In Fitness Class Pass - one card that gives you access to all Drop-In fitness classes and does not expire. Drop-In classes are filled on a first come-first served basis. 


10 Class Pass

1  Drop-In Class 


 Purchase 8 classes and get 2 FREE!




Fitness Class Descriptions

Bender Ball Have you met these lean, green, core-working machines? Bender Balls look innocent, but they are an effective tool for targeting all your core muscles, increasing your range of motion, and adding stability to the lower back. Get active and strong with this great core class!

Body Blast A mix of cardio and resistance training that offers a full-body workout for cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Very adaptable exercises make this class appropriate for diverse fitness levels, including moms with strollers

Body BootcampPrepare to get a fun, full body workout with a mixture of cardio and resistance training. This is an evening twist on our daytime class with an aim on perfecting your form, increasing your strength, and conditioning your cardiovascular system! Suitable for all levels.
Body Project Small-group training including a fitness assessment and nutrition coaching designed for anyone wanting to lose weight. The class will keep you motivated and committed - with weekly weigh-ins, nutrition guidance and full-body workouts. We’ll help you reach your goals!
Core & MoreIn this class you will use many different forms of core training that focus on targeting all of your core muscles, increasing range of motion, and adding stability to the lower back. Get active and strong with this great core class!
Fit Friday  Do something different each class with the goal of keeping fitness fun, fresh and exciting. This class will combine fat torching cardio and toning strength exercises for a full body workout that will leave you looking even more forward to Fri-YAY each week!
Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp Prepare to get a fun, full body workout with a mixture of cardio and resistance training. This class will be held both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) with an aim on perfecting your form, increasing your strength, and conditioning your cardiovascular system. Very adaptable exercises make this class appropriate for all fitness levels, including moms with strollers and expectant mothers.
Kettlebells Make your muscles work! Learn how to strength train with a piece of classic exercise equipment: the kettlebell. Blast all of the muscle groups and see your strength rapidly increase. This class will also include short bursts of cardio for an all-around bell-kicking workout!
Kettlebell Spin Fusion Get ready to get your sweat on in this brand new fusion class where you will be doing a mixture of on-bike spinning and off-bike swinging! Gear up for a heart-pumping, muscle-burning full body workout!
P90X Live  A total-body cardio and strength training class that uses your own body weight as resistance as well as the addition of weights when necessary. Each workout can be modified to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and abilities while still achieving the body transformations P90X LIVE is known for!
PiYo Live Choreographed Pilates+Yoga movements put together into sequences make this low-impact class unique and fun! The result is lengthening and strengthening all muscle groups in the body. No equipment is used and bare feet are preferred.
Spin The diversity of this class makes it perfect for any age, ability or fitness level. Participants control their own level of intensity all while remaining part of the team. This is a full-body, tailored workout that helps you feel more energized and look more toned.
Spin +  Come for a ride - with a little extra! Saddle up for hills, drills, and sprints during the first part of the class, then round off your workout with some off-bike exercises. We'll challenge your entire body with a blend of off-bike resistance training PLUS on-bike cardio training.
Step Fusion  Make your muscles and cardiovascular system work! Learn how strength and aerobic train with a piece of classic exercise equipment: the step! This class will also include use of light hand-held weights for an added strength component.
Strength in Numbers Improve your quality of life by becoming stronger! This is a fun and easy-to-follow class that focuses on flexibility, posture, balance, strength and endurance, plus Strength in Numbers is perfect for increasing range of motion in joints.

Strictly Strength Prepare to get some sweat flowing as you learn to use Kettlebells, Rowing Machines, Medicine Balls and much more in this fast paced class. Perfect your lifting techniques, increase your strength, and condition your cardiovascular system! Suitable for all fitness levels.

Tabata A short, sweet, get it done for the day workout that pushes you to your fitness limits. This is a quick, full-body, demanding and effective class for anyone with limited time who wants to build their cardiovascular endurance.
TRX TRX suspension training uses your body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Over the course of each session you will have the opportunity to SEE your progress, FEEL your increase in strength, And EXPERIENCE your increase in core stability.
Turbo Kick This class combines traditional kickboxing moves with high-intensity interval training for a workout that will leave you energized and ready to knockout the rest of your day.  You'll have a blast learning full body kickboxing combinations and edgy dance moves all in this heart-pumping, empowering class.
Zumba  Are you a looking for a fun total body workout?  This class offers cardio, muscle conditioning and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave the class! So, come see why Zumba fitness classes are often called fitness in disguise!


The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the C2 can assist you in learning more about our diverse services and programs - feel free to stop by or call anytime.



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