C2 Corporate Membership is a partnership in healthy living - a great option that is of no cost to employers, and allows them to promote healthy living for their staff!  Corporate Membership is available to any business - big or small - in the Lakeland.

Staff are eligible for a discount on a C2 Membership simply by being listed under the employer's Membership plan.  After initial sign-up, a minimum of 5 people must purchase Memberships in a 6 month period for discounted rates to continue.

C2 Corporate Membership passes are valid for a period of 6 months and include all full membership benefitsCorporate Memberships are also eligible for our automatic monthly payment plan.

We are delighted to announce a partnership with the Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce which enables all Chamber of Commerce members to be eligible for the C2 Corporate Membership rates, regardless of the number of employees on staff or the number of employees who participate. This is a great value-added benefit of becoming a Chamber member, and helps spread the healthy living message throughout the Lakeland business community.

Are you wondering how to participate? Contact us and ask for more information on Corporate Membership: 780-812-3400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

Membership Level

Number  of  Members   


Individual Membership

Family Membership


Monthly Payment Plan**

Corporate Level 1 5-19*** 20%



$64.00 Individual

$134.40 Family

$42.67/mo Individual

$89.60/mo Family

Corporate Level 2 20-49 30%



$96.00 Individual

$201.60 Family

$37.33/mo Individual

$78.40/mo Family

Corporate Level 3 50-74 40%



$128.00 Individual

$268.80 Family

$32.00/mo Individual

$67.20/mo Family

Corporate Level 4 75+ 50%



$160.00 Individual

$336.00 Family

$26.67/mo Individual

$56.00/mo Family

* Discounts and savings are based on equivalent price of purchasing 2 x 3 Month Full Use Memberships

** 6 Month - Payment Plan comprises 6 equal monthly payments.  A one-time $10.00 Administration Fee is due with your first monthly payment.

*** Bonnyville Chamber of Commerce Members require no minimum number of employees or C2 Members to receive Corporate Rates

Note - Prices effecitve January 1, 2018

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the C2 can assist you in learning more about Corporate Membership - feel free to stop by or call anytime. 




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